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Pronouncing Cartographic Terms

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Two more US-cartographer's giving me pronouncorial headaches:


MacEachren [I even asked some of his students; but the sounds, I could not replicate them. A Penn-State shibboleth?]



Visvalingam-Whyatt seems to be a problem for some people, too.


Ultimately, the constant misprounounciations of Peucker (of Douglas-Peucker fame) made Mr. Poiker change his name. I am told for the sake of his kids.

Reminds me it is the 40th anniversary of that algorithm and I have not shared the songtext I wrote for that algorithm!



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Being a Penn State alumni I have had direct contact with both Drs MacEachren (as one of my professors and sometime advisor) and Krygier (when he was a doctoral student at PSU). To the best of my knowledge the names aren't difficult to pronounce.

The first is pronounced Mackeckren

The latter, Kryger (hard g)



I never had any trouble with Peuker, either (pronouncing the eu as oy (rhymes with toy), like you do in German).


But then again, maybe I've been getting these all wrong all this time. :P


(sorry, I don't know how to write pronunciations with IPA.)

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