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Argish Introduction

True Sun Ecliptic sun ecliptic climate engine albedo heating imbalance heat engine sun motion

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Hello  ladies and gentlemen.

I am the webmaster of 1atlas.com - Every Map tells a story.


Being social in physical science is our vision. Gaming approach is our intelligent go2market  strategy.

1statlas.com sophisticated cartography system is developed under internal algorithm that parse and retrieve motion data from Horizons, Navigation & Mission Design Section, Solar System Dynamics Group of Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA, Pasadena, California, USA that is based on the DE405 planetary ephemeris, are the same data used for navigation on numerous space flight missions by space agencies around the world, including NASA and ESA.

Seismology data from USGS, EMSC and Global Volcanology Program.


1atlas.com is the first website that use the true sun ecliptic in the climate engine studies. (in attachment at my presentation).

Our definition of the true sun ecliptic is: The ecliptic of the sun is defined by the plane of the Earth's orbit, which fluctuates due to perturbations. However, a standard sun ecliptic plane at the epoch of J2000.0 has been adopted. So there is the  true ecliptic sun which fluctuates, then the standard J2000.0 reference sun ecliptic, which is fixed by definition.


Nice to meet you all

All the best


1atlas.com - by bk'dmin, Webmaster.

Vivere disce, cogita mori. Sundial Inscription.


--about my Nickname---

The word "argish" for each of 45 indigenous small-numbered Ket peoples of the North, Siberia and Far East of Russia, including the extinct Pompokol , means "Welcoming you" "Willing to enjoy here" "to move, travel from one place to another" by virtue of various circumstances: natural, social, economic, e.g. because of limited natural resources, which do not allow the tribe, community to survive.

1atlas.com support the Ket Language and deeping research for words on Pompokol - Pumpokol - Pumpokolt - Pompokol - Pumpokolts - Pompokolts and use it again as a form of language of communication, as I am using Argish for my nickname.



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Argish - I read this, and I also looked at 1atlas.com - but I still can't figure out what it is... is it a social network? is it a game? what about cartography system? climate engine?

Hugo Ahlenius
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frax, our final step is a collaborative Location Based Social network with scavenger hunt gaming approach as technique to do team building in local usergroups-tree-structure using BK-tree suggestion for spell checking and semantic similarity of words as seeds of words 2 tree, and up.. see it as a dictionary-tree-structure.


Right now we are in Beta stage. 1atlas.com now is at the beginning of the timeline, is a collaborative Social Network with gaming approach to BK-tree, the Scavenger Hunt now is under definition and yet open for the selection of the first team as local user groups (online collaboration) -- today we do not look to quantity but quality of members.... We will push members to tells story using our maps, our Compass Rose (that is embedded at 30% of our aim) -- collaboration for build the BK-Tree system (see it as a wiki system) in connection with the local user groups .. as scavenger hunt .. with prizes by competition, quiz, test  and hunting facies as landcsape of meaning in historical perspective.


The climate Engine is what we care, simulating it with 6.000 years parsed, we discover things and we will use it to achieve:


1) Education;

2) A community of people in competition for the benefits of the knowledge and its metamorphism.


We are not FB or G+ and we don't want to be like these example, I believe that as a medium of communication maps have a stronger influence than literary text. 1atlas.com maps should be treated as a media of communication or a kind of language and analyzed trough time and space. 1atlas.co maps should be critically studied and judged in the same way as library verbal sources and document are by historians and other scholars. While literary documents use words and phrases in order to promote ideas, or to influence belief, 1atlas.com maps are designed to be just the same, but using graphics figures instead of words..



Vivere disce cogita mori

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I must admit I'm confused too...

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