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Help. Possible to save georeferenced tiles from WMS? Manifold, qGIS.

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  Is there any way to save georeferenced TIF raster images from a WMS server? I'm in British Columbia, Canada. I use Manifold for most of my GIS work and also use qGIS. I'm looking for a way to add contour lines as a background. The government of BC offers a WMS server with the contours in a selection of projections. The problem is Manifold can't retrieve WMS layers. It connects but lacks the ability to select among the projections offered and just defaults to the first projection offered on the provincial servers which is geographic (lats & longs). I wrote to manifold and the ability to select a projection is a "feature". I submitted a feature request years ago. Also for some reason contours render as one giant purple square so I can't even use the lat/long projection. I have map layouts in Manifold and I'm also using Manifold thematic shading in legends. I'm reluctant to re-set them up in print composer in qGIS. 


 On the other hand qGIS connects nicely to the provincial WMS layers. But I can't export a georeferenced image for import to Manifold. I've spent several days searching or a way to save a contour line basemap from the url http://openmaps.gov....s&version=1.1.1  from the geodata site http://www.data.gov....nect/index.page  The WMS layer ID I'm after is #179 TCTR_Lines Evelation - Contours (1:20K)  and the contour labels which is ID #55 TCTR_ANNO (Elevation - Text (1:20K).


  I have a relate question and I'll post separate a message asking how ERSI users have contour lines as their basemap. That's the effect I need to duplicate. The best I can do now is use hillshades but I need contours with elevations. I can buy the data from the province but they are $5,000 per unit and out of the question.






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