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NACIS 2013 - Call for Participation

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The CFP is coming to a mailbox near you real soon! There are many ways you may participate. You are invited to submit proposals, organize custom sessions, panels, discussions, and workshops. Talks, papers, poster, and demonstration proposals are welcome until June 15th. We will entertain all creative ideas!


More information, including submission guidelines and travel grants, can be found at www.nacis.org/2013.




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The June 15th deadline for submissions is coming soon!  One more time, consdier:



NACIS 2013 Session on the Cartographies of the South

The site of the 2013 conference, Greenville, South Carolina, invites
attention to be directed to the very rich themes and heritage of
cartographies of the south.  This begins with various conceptions of
"the south" in American history, but it can and should also be expanded;
for Canadians, for example, all of the United States apart from Alaska
is "the south".  The South Pole and the southern hemisphere in its
entirety are accessible, as is the cartography of the south side of that
tree or anything else.  "Down south" as a euphemism also yields some
productive possibilities for the cartographies of the body and much
else.  The objective of the session is to be inclusive and imaginative,
and see where that leads. It'll lead us down south!

I'll prime the pump here with crops from three historic mappings of
Greenville and its context by the US Coast Survey: (1) from the 1861 map
of the proportional distributions of the slaves in each of the
slave-holding states, based on the recently finished and suppressed 1860
Census; (2) part of the Survey's 1863 charting of the infrastructure of
the confederacy east of the Mississippi River; (3) a portion of one of
the Survey's 1929 first edition aeronautical charts, which were strip
maps of the terrain between specific pairs of airports.

If interested in this session concept, please send informal abstracts of
no more than 150 words, by June 15th, to Nathaniel V. Kelso
(nvkelso@gmail.com) and to me (John.Cloud@noaa.gov).

Attached are three samplings of Greenville, from the cartographic archives of the Coast Survey/Coast and Geodetic Survey/NOAA


Attached Thumbnails

  • 1861_DistributionofSlavePopulationsoftheSouthernStates_LOC_Greenvillecrop.jpg
  • 1863_MountainRegionofNCandTN_AGSL_largerGreenvillecrop.jpg
  • 1929_StripMap128AtlantaGAGreensboroNC_Greenvillecrop.jpg

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