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modelling urban bus network

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Hi here what I need to do:
Perform an accessibility analyse of urban services, considering the urban road network system and the multimodal network system.
I?m working in ArcGIS environment
Someone could give me an advise about modelling urban bus network on order to perform multimodal analyses?




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Hope I understood what you want to do, so here is my take:

Mmm. That really depends on the data you have access to/can afford for the project. The public transportation service should have a professional multimodal routing dataset.

If you have only the station points, maybe even georeferenced by hand, all you can really do is:

- define the maximum tolerable walking distance from and to the public transport
- define the areas of origin (housing)
- define the points of interest/destinations (urban services)
- define maximum tolerable driving time.
- You might need to guess the driving time by alloting an average time per station.

- Build a weighted graph with the stations as nodes and the average driving time per station as weigths (You?ll need Network Analyst for that step; and it will be work intensive!). Multimodal does only influence the average time per station in this crude model.

-Buffer the stations with the walking distance, to find out which urban services are accessible from a particular station. Best to make that an extra layer.

-Then you check for each area of origin which stations are in reach

-The selected stations have an extra layer of the urban services available, so you?ve got that covered by now.

From there on you can aggregate all kinds of data and maps.

Depending on the profile and mission statement, I?d suggest seeking to get hold of the public transportation data. These graphs get relly big very easily. If not possible you might try to get hold of topogrphic city map vector data. In Germany the 25k or 50k scales have georeferenced stations in them, from which you could build the weighted graph, maybe your area has this too.

Hope I could help,


EDIT: Accesibility by car is also an issue? This would make the data problem much more pronounced. Get yourselves a decent routable Graph (TeleAtlas etc.). I see no easy or doable way around that, if street accesibility is concerned.



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In an ArcGIS environment, the routing capabilities are provided by the ArcGIS Network Analyst extension - see http://www.esri.com/...lyst/index.html which has links to demos, literature etc.

This is new in ArcGIS 9.1, and provides multi-modal support - see http://www.esri.com/...ulti-modal.html
Paul Hardy
ESRI Europe (phardy@esri.com)

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