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Custom reprojection

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I am a little bit curious on how/if one can do custom (non-geographic) re-projections of global raster/bitmap maps (maybe vector too).

Let's say I have a global world map in "geographic"/plate carre projection and I would want to morph/squeeze/warp that into a new shape, like a triangle or a hexagon. It doesn't need to be geographically correct, and the resulting coordinate system doesn't matter at all.

Any tips?
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What if you create a vector file with the object you want (hexagon for example) bring that in to Arcmap and use the georeference tools to warp your map to the hexagon. I could see snapping tie points to the corners and running the transformation to fit it inside. If you are not worried about the accuracy you will certainly get something stange looking. It might work better if you import it without any coordinate system.

Post the results if you try it.



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or another way is open in Photoshop CS2, select all, edit --> transform --> warp, set the warp to custom, and then move those anchor points and direction guides to the shape you want.

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