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batch geo-tag image --> KMZ conversion options?

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I have a processing question. I've been doing some work for an architectural history survey team that needs geo-tagged photos converted into Google Earth KMZ files. I'm just curious how people are handling the creation of google earth KMZ files from batches of geo-tagged photos? Basically, I'm looking for feedback on:

A ) Whether this is something commonly done in any other GIS related industries

B ) If so, what programs are people using to do it

C ) What are the pros and cons of the different systems that people are using

I'm specifically looking for programs that can take a folder full of geo-tagged JPEG images and batch convert them into a Google Earth KMZ file as placemark icons that when clicked pop-up windows with location metadata and a reduced size version of my original image. I know Picasa does it, but it seemed incredibly slow and would lock up after about 4 or 5 photos. There were a few others options I looked into, but they were either too expensive or plug-ins to other programs. Here's an example of the type of KMZ file I'm looking to create:


In full interest of disclosure, I've put together a very targeted program for myself that does something like this and am thinking about expanding and offering it to the community. So, any feedback about what would make a program like this useful, or blatantly obvious facts that should be taken into account (e.g. "geo-tagged photos becoming obsolete due to miraculous new format...", "next version of google earth does this automatically", etc) would be super appreciated.




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Dear my friend, 

About group of photos with lat/long EXIF info and turn it into a point KML to view it in Google Earth,

I find a free software can to do it. 

Select a folder containing georeferenced photos and a folder where you want to save the KMZ file

Click “Generate KML”, and you’ll have your KMZ file in a few seconds; you’ll have to open it manually in Google Earth.



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