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Gene Keyes

Gene Keyes


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In a 1983 paper given at the Canadian Learned Societies conference, I coined the word "geocell" to
define an area bounded by one degree of latitude and longitude. (Geocells can also be described in
combinations, e.g., a 5-degree geocell, or 10x15, etc.) The paper's intent was to emphasize a glaring lack of
comparability between typical world maps and globes -- given that most world maps lack so much as a
5-degree graticule, and most globes show only 15-degree intervals.

By contrast, the Cahill-Keyes Multi-scale Megamap -- described elsewhere in this forum -- has a complete
one-degree geocell graticule, bolded at 5 degrees, whether for 1/1,000,000 or 1/200,000,00 or various scales
in between.

The companion piece to this project is a 5-degree globe, whose purpose is to demonstrate the global fidelity of
the Cahill-Keyes map, whether in terms of continental profiles, or of any 5-degree geocell on the map as compared
to a 5-degree geocell on its counterpart globe. The latest website-update of this work shows two photos of just
such a 5-degree globe, designed by me, and produced by Joe Roubal, in its second prototype.

On this same web page is a preview jpeg of the Beta-2 Megamap, and two pdf's, at 1/100,000,000, and 1/50,000,000.

(Till now, there has been no such artifact as a 5-degree globe, except in 1942, when Arthur H. Robinson led a team
which made a 50-inch (1/10,000,000) globe for FDR and Churchill. That globe is discussed and illustrated in
part 9.6 of my critique of the Dymaxion map.)

Posted Image
Gene Keyes holding second prototype of 5-degree Cahill-Keyes globe he designed (produced by Joe Roubal).
[Imagery is Roubal's; graticule, octants, and numbering are by Keyes.]

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