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Which software

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Hi everyone,

I am new member and this is my first post.
sorry about my english, its crap.

Iam a Autodesk Map 2006 user and I was wondering how I can increase my printing quality output. I know about MapPublisher but is there any other applications "out there" that I could use?


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Sometimes print quality has alot to do with drivers and whether the software can output postscript. One way to sometimes get around this is to use distiller or ghostscript as a virtual printer to create a PDF and to print the PDF through your printer. Mapublisher itself will not increase your print quality. It will allow you to import your GIS/CAD vector layers into Illustrator or FH so that you can make use the more advanced layout/design/illustration tools and to use the more advanced printing abilities found in these softwares. If you find yourself limited by the design tools in your current software that may be a solution.


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Try adjusting the plot quality through the Plotter Manager listed under the File menu, or call up the dialog box with the PLOTTERMANGER command line and select "Add a New Plot Manager". The manager allows you to adjust the color- depth, resolution and dithering on vector work. Raster is more limited but you will see a couple of options available. Basic instructions are below, and more info can be found in the help files. Search in Help for "Printing Quality" and select "Specify Settings for Graphical Output".

File menu, choose Plotter Manager.
Double-click the plotter configuration (PC3) file whose pen settings you want to change.
In the Plotter Configuration Editor, choose the Device and Document Settings tab.
Double-click Graphics to view the graphical output settings.
Do one of the following:
Select Installed Memory and enter the amount of memory available in the plotter.
Select Vector Graphics and select color depth, resolution, and dithering.
Select Raster Graphics and specify a balance between output quality and performance.
Select TrueType Text and select the way you want to print TrueType text.
Select Merge control and specify whether crossing lines should overwrite the lines beneath them or merge.
When finished, choose OK

Hope this helps.

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