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I have a map Im making that uses 3d data - an elevation model. To create a smooth color ramp across the region I used 100 'jenks'. So for example, the ramp range is 5000 and each jenk is 50, e.g., 0-50, 50-100, 100-150 etc. This makes for a pretty ugly legend. Is there a way to keep the color scheme the same, but compress the legend into something a bit more meaningful?

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I wasn't sure what a 'jenk' was and a web query returned a definition from the urban dictionary that made me blush. :P

Perhaps a picture would help in explaining what you are after. Regardless, I think you might find edification from this post from ESRI's mapping center.

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When you say "jenks" do you mean you are using a classified renderer? Although, if you set values like the ones you described it's probably not using the Jenks natural breaks algorithm.

In any case, it sounds like you used discrete classes, so the legend does the same. If you want a smooth color ramp in the map and in the legend the easiest option would be to use a stretched renderer in the layer symbology dialog. That would give you the smooth color ramp on your map and the legend would match it.

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This is a problem that ArcGIS has, if you want more control with smooth ranges, for me I turn to Photoshop or Global Mapper.

For the OP - if the legend is the only issue, why not skip the automatically created legend, and create an image in Photoshop that you can use as a legend.
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