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Hello CartoTalk Community!

There are Bundle CONUS and World data sets now available at www.EarthOnDrive.com. TOPO 24K maps for all of the USA on a sata hard drive, well over 8000 Landsat TM7 15 and 30m TM4/5 images processed into a set of seamless harmonic images, NAIP 1m Aerial Photos for the Contingent US, and many more digital elevation models.

I am the owner of the site and wasn't sure if I can post this or not. My prices are very good (mostly under $600 for each complete data world bundle). If it weren't for the fact that it has taken us many years of remote sensing work. image processing, and hardware & software investment to reach this level of product fulfillment, I would probably not be so bold as to post my own work for sale.

So I will try with this humble post, and see if there are folks wishing to engage with us.

We have just migrated our site to PH/LAMP and are still setting things up like our 10 year customer testimonials, our forums from WavGen Incorporated, and more specifics on our 3D Terrain VIZ software.


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