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Experimental-cartography college-assignment...

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I am pondering a (fun) college assignment sending students down a path with results similar to a map done ten years ago by Sinutype Studio, snapshot attached.

Perhaps -- a software 'solution' that takes a high-contrast black-and-white frontal silhouette (in any digital file format that might be required) of a (student's) face (orthographic view) and search a (global) basemap for as a close-as-possible approximation of a silhouette that matches a coastal/islands/lakes profile somewhere (anywhere) in the world.

Any ideas?

Basemap might want to be high enough resolution that the software would have the ability to zoom in to locate a good match.

With open source, if possible. Even better, using Google Earth Pro as basemap-data-platform (though that may be asking a lot).

Thx.! Cheers, KB

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One can't really see much in that snapshot... what is the objective that you are trying to achieve with this exercise?
Hugo Ahlenius
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I think you'd be lucky to find anything close to something that resembles a human face, let alone a personalized one.




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Mr. Ahlenius:

Yes, some details missing...

Objectives: mapmaking for undergraduates (but not cartographers), experimenting-fun via pursuit of personal connection to map shapes (we are an art college)

Image shown is titled 'Sun Island'; designer looks to have started with a high contrast image of Elvis, turning that into island shapes atop water background; it's a conceptual approach, thus complicated

Since an Elvis map has already been done, second-level challenge would be to have students 1) find a framed orthogonal view of a land-water-scape that matches his/her own portrait (instead of Elvis), and 2) lay that atop (say) a Google Earth Pro section it best matches, 3) add some creative-copywriting-labeling, and 4) create a GEPro fly-though from one student's layered image to another

I teach at an art/design college whose students are quite good at Adobe Creative Suite and Premiere (I can teach them how to export a fly-through movie from GEPro, import into Premiere, add sound, and titling, etc.), so that's half-fun/half-tech to them, easily do-able. The software vector-matching solution requested is trickier.

Mr. H:

Yes indeed, I worry about your caveat. But then look at Indonesia, or the west coast of British Columbia (e.g. Salish Sea area), et al., and what might happen if/when one's search routine for vectors 'zooms in' at larger scales. BTW, I don't mind being told it's almost impossible, that's the honesty that makes forums useful.

Cheers, KB

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