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Applications of Natural Scene Designer

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Hello friends,
I have seen Natural Scene Designer mentioned in quite a few workflow descriptions on this site, which compelled me to take a look at their website. The examples are nice, and the price is certainly enticing, but they don't seem to provide much in the way of technical detail regarding software compatibility, supported file formats, etc. Leading to this post:

I work in environmental restoration, and while much of our cartographic work is strictly data presentation (read: non-GIS cartographic tweaking is neither temporally or financially supported), we are beginning to delve more into conceptual figure production (for example, pre- and post-restoration 3D displays of a wetland area). Currently, we stumble through this using ArcGlobe, which obviously works well with our spatial data, but as many of you probably know, the functionality and presentation quality of ArcGlobe products are suspect at best.

So... for those of you who use Natural Scene Designer, would this be a good next step as far as being able to incorporate spatially-defined features (lidar surfaces, shapefiles, etc.) with a more robust suite of 3D visualization tools? An example product would be going from an existing lidar surface overlain with aerial imagery to a restored surface on which water and vegetation could be added to create a kind of 3D landscape architecture-type product. Software limitations? Interface issues? Is the software price indicative of the product quality? Or do you have other suggestions for software that may address what I am looking for?

Thanks for your time!

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