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Society for Conservation GIS

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The Society for Conservation GIS has a little drive to get new members now. I am a member there, and it is a great community - there are often loads of interesting things on the mailing list, for instance.

Below is an e-mail that we were said to forward to prospect members:
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am a sending you this letter because I am a member of the Society for Conservation GIS (SCGIS) and I think you should be too. They are having a membership drive right now before they have to increase the membership fees in February 2012. To become a member go to:


SCGIS is unique. It is the only organization that connects, trains and supports the use of GIS as a tool for achieving the conservation of lands, wildlife and cultures around the world. They have an annual conference every year, support an international scholarship program and have a brilliant listserve. There are so many great GIS people on that listserve that all questions get answered and quickly too!
By being a member of SCGIS I really feel connected to a bigger Conservation GIS community around the world and I think you will too if you become a member.
Below is a message that SCGIS sent to me on 7th December with information about the membership drive and all the SCGIS programs the membership fees support. And what is great is that SCGIS is 100% volunteer run so all our membership fees go to supporting their programs. Plus SCGIS always needs more volunteers for their board, to help run programs and at the annual SCGIS conference.
I really hope you will join.

SCGIS Membership Drive

Support the SCGIS Membership Drive by becoming a new member or renewing your membership.
Sign me up Now!
GOAL: 300 Memberships by January 31st, 2012
Our goal is to reach 300 new and renewed memberships by 31st January 2012. All funds raised will go directly to support SCGIS programs and basic operational costs. The SCGIS membership drive will continue until 31th January, 2012.
Why SCGIS needs your support?
SCGIS actively builds community amongst the Conservation GIS community around the world through its programs. Providing training, support, access to tools and the wealth of GIS and conservation knowledge held by the individuals who make up the collective that is the SCGIS community. With your support we can continue to prosper and to strengthen and grow our programs and the global conservation GIS Community.
SCGIS is unique. It is the only organization that connects, trains and supports the use of GIS as a tool for achieving the conservation of lands, wildlife and cultures around the world. SCGIS is a 100% volunteer run organization but we need your support now so that we can ensure we are able to continue and strengthen our programs.

Why Renew Your SCGIS Membership?
  • Reason 1: We are redeveloping the SCGIS web site so that members can have individual online profiles, can interact with other members online and loads more!
  • Reason 2: Annual membership fees will increase in February 2012. After 10 years with the same membership fees we unfortunately need to raise them.
  • Reason 3: The most important reason is so you can benefit from and support SCGIS programs:

SCGIS Listserve: SCGIS members support each other through the SCGIS Listserve. Never have we seen a question or query go unanswered! Read More.
International Scholarship program: Every year SCGIS selects individuals who use GIS for conservation in countries around the world as SCGIS International Scholars. The Scholars travel from their home countries to the US to receive GIS training from expert conservation GIS trainers and to attend the ESRI User Conference in San Diego, and the SCGIS annual conference. This program vastly increase the GIS capacity of each individual scholar, they learn robust spatial analysis techniques to further conservation efforts in their counties and they build strong bonds with their conservation peers that last for years. Read More.
Train-the-Trainer: The Train-the-Trainer program is a NEW SCGIS program. This is how we give a fishing rod and not just a fish! In 2011 this program began by bringing a graduate of the SCGIS Scholarship program back with the SCGIS International Scholarship program to learn how to be a Conservation GIS Trainer. Trainers then return to their home and give training courses to the Conservation GIS practitioners in their countries and regions. With this program we aim to increase the Conservation GIS capacity of GIS practitioners and conservationists around the world by ensuring there are more Conservation GIS training opportunities as not everyone can be an SCGIS Scholar!
Webinar Series: The Webinar Series is a NEW SCGIS program that began in the fall 2010. The monthly webinars are a way to share technical and conservation knowledge with SCGIS members around the world. Many of our members are unable to attend the SCGIS annual conference and so the webinars have been initiated as a way to share the knowledge and experience of SCGIS members via the web.
Annual Conference: The SCGIS Annual conference where we gather for 3 days to share our conservation GIS knowledge and experience, and provide high quality GIS training opportunities. Read More.


SCGIS is about connecting and building community. For this reason we never want to turn away a member who cannot pay membership fees over the internet or works for an organization with a low budget and can’t afford our membership fees. If this is you then hold tight. When the new SCGIS web site is launched in early 2012 there will be new ways for you to apply for SCGIS membership.
Hugo Ahlenius
Nordpil - custom maps and GIS

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