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Gfk Macon

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Anyone familiar with Gfk Macon's datasets. They are a German company ( I think) I am curious about pricing and licensing as well as the scale of the source data. I've written them but no response so far.

I'd be interested in any info that may be available.




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Dear Martin,

Most of the following info is also on their english website, so you might already know this.

GFK Macon is indeed a german company. They are market leader (there is another smaller company called Lutum & Tappert which have similar products) in Geomarketing. Think advanced Mappoint stuff for companies. Their main product for this is called Regiograph. Their Data is mostly focussed on statistical administrative areas with associated data. They make their money by selling the so called business GIS Regiograph to non-GIS experts and selling them their DISTRICT data set, to eliminate the data handling hassle for the non-expert users. It is often used for distribution planning.

Example from their website:


including all postal and administrative Maps of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Additional Maps of all 25 EU-countries including a lot of Regionaldata

€ 1.798,00

some pictures of Regiograph

They don´t have any reputation for topographical data. The topographical data they offer links directly to their market research data.
Have you seen the download site? There you have to register, but can download example data. You can check out their topo data, too. If you look here,

Romania Datasheet (pdf)

you can get detailed info on the datasets themselves, like how many city objects are in it and so on.

I have myself never worked wih their data. AFAIK you have to have Regiograph in order to open the data, as they use their own format.

Hope this helps,


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