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All constructive feedback appreciated

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The ‘Stavanger Norway’ web site is nearing completion and things are progressing towards the May 2011 release. Some of the content and link pages are still in the design process but the overall layout and navigation are in place.

If you’ve a few minutes available please take a quick look and see if there are any improvements or changes that you feel may be implemented. Please try to keep your advice short and precise. You’ll notice a few 404’s when you click through, these pages are pending.

My question to anyone reading this particular topic is:
“do you have any immediate thoughts or constructive feedback?”
Design – Layout – Navigation – Feel, of the actual web site. Your initial encounter.
Useful comments on any of the maps are also very welcome.

Please remember that I’m not looking for praise or criticisms, but real constructive useful pointers. Some of the feedback may also benefit others with similar projects.

Any major contributions or minor adjustments will (if the contributor wishes/consents) be published on a (Thanks to...) page, together with a link to your business or personal web page.

As always I send my best wishes to all cartographers keeping the creativity flowing around the world.

Kevin Paul Scarrott
Stavanger Guide Maps Norway

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I like looking at these, soooo blue, my favourite colour.

I have trouble staying focused on those grey dots that are used to denote populated places on the "Surrounding Areas" map, whereas on "The Region" map, they have a dark outline to 'pop' them out more.

It has to do in part, I think, because the point markers are coloured grey, sitting on a light/tan background. I have also not seen these printed. I am just thinking 'colour blindness'...

Is "KVERNEVIK / SUND" two places? Because for me, the spacing of the words and the linebreak (with that coincidental grid line) seems to suggest that. This might float better left-justified, fixed to the top right position of its place marker.

I like how the places are shown on the Region map; simple. I initially had difficulty interpreting the towns (the squares). I was expecting to see something more consistent, like continue the scheme you have chosen for 'cities' (a large circle), and use a smaller circle or a solid/saturated dot for the towns.

Silly me, I found I was trying to find out what those towns (as squares) were in the legend, but they aren't there because they should be easily interpreted when compared to the circle markers used for cities on the other maps.

When I see squares on these maps, they seem to mostly show what type of location that is (emergency, tourist, camping, routes) so I tend to be associative in trying to understand the squares when they are placed for a town.

Nice maps! (my comment)

Igor Brejc

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Just something I noticed right at the start (and it's not directly cartography-related): hiding the map on the on-mouse event and showing just the map title is unintuitive and not very useful (especially since you show the little '>' sign which someone might mistake for pointing to the map on the right).

I would much rather like for the map to be _highlighted_ somehow when mouse is over it and not hidden.

Hope it helps.
Igor Brejc
author of Maperitive, an OSM-based mapmaking software

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