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Amusing Site: Clients from Hell

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Found this site the other day and it's been quite entertaining to me for a few days.

I imagine some of you can relate with these interactions and requests :D

I even found a cartography-related entry:

Client: “On that map of Maryland graphic… can you get rid of that jaggy thing? My client doesn’t like that.”

Me: “Uhh, that’s the Chesapeake Bay.”

Client: “I don’t think it’s part of Maryland, plus it’s annoying so delete it.”

Me: “Yeah, it’s definitely part of Maryland.”

Client: “I still don’t think so… I’m googling it right now, hold on.”


“OK, just show the state boundary.”

Me: “Uhh, the Chesapeake Bay DEFINES part of the state’s boundary. I can’t delete a body of water.”

Client: “Just fill it in then.”



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Good (and unfortunately familiar) chuckles for this morning
Thanks for posting Dan.
Jean-Louis Rheault




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That's hilarious!
And I can definitely relate to stuff like that.
Checking it out right now.
Thanks for posting!




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One of my prospective clients, who had invented an electronic machine guard which his firm manufactured, introduced himself to me as follows:
Him: When you get to know me, if you get to know me, you'll find that I shout a lot. Does that bother you?
Me: Depends who you're shouting at.
Him: It's likely to be you.
Me: Why, what have I done?
Him: You're a woman for a start.
Me: Really?
Him: This business is no place for a woman, it's too technical and lives are at risk if the guards should ever fail - which they don't, never.
Me: That's good news.
Him: Are you trying to be smart?
Me: Why did you ask me here?
Him: To see what you're like.
Me: I bet you say that to all the girls.
Him: I think you'd better get out of here.
Me: But you haven't started shouting yet
Him: (shouting) Get out!

Nice guy, but Hell probably wouldn't put up with him for too long.
Unfortunately, I didn't get the contract and I'd bought a new set of earmuffs specially.




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Well, there is the mantra that the customer is always right, but nobody said that the customer is smart, intelligent and well-mannered. In a way, thanks God that the last three were not mandatory requirements for shopping - retail would be dead in a matter of minutes B)



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I seriously didn't think that people like that existed. It's some kind of weird combination between mysogeny and madness.

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