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Japanese Disasters

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I just wanted to point out that a few cartotalk folks have registered home locations as in Japan. My thoughts go out to you and your family and friends.

Be safe,


James Hines

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If there is a nuclear disaster then it be interesting to note that it would be the third one in that country. The effects of this one & god forbid it happens because I would never wish it on them will have to be compared to the dropping of the bombs back in 1945. Japan in a bad way is the nuclear disaster capital of the world.

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Bringing a map into this discussion.

My newspaper published a map of the radioactive plume today. Scary orange and yellow colors and... a legend without units.

Sorry for the bad iPhone photo: http://yfrog.com/h7lafnqj

So a logarithmic scale from 0 to 1 without any indication as to what those numbers represent other than the legend title saying "concentration radioactive materials". I can't get any meaningful information out of this and I'm a professional map user. Imagine what the general public will make of this.
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I can't get any meaningful information out of this and I'm a professional map user. Imagine what the general public will make of this.

Exactly what the publisher wants: Danger!




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I would like to add something also from me.

We were shocked watching on TV what was happening there.

Japanese people, we are with you together in that hard time.

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