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Moral dilemma...

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James Hines

James Hines

    James Anthony Hines

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Those interested, raise your hand!

I have received privates messages, but I have to offer it at large too.

I see a few ways I could get this project so my hand is still raised whether I become the contractor or sub contractor. Money will come my way one way or another. Of course I will have to submit my final college topographic project which is a bilingual topographic map of Victoria, BC. I will say this though it's not easy with all those special characters such as è.

"There is much beauty that we fail to see through our own eyes teeming with life forms that give us that perception of our reality.  Leaves on the trees blowing gently in the wind, or scarily, the waves pounding through high surf, or lightly on a warm summer’s day; that opportunity to sit or swim in the water on a white beach.   That comfort to shout, “The universal conscious do you hear me?  I am alive, guide me dear logos towards the path of rightnesses.”  Earned what has been kept, no longer to be absorbed into a life filled with cold damn winds and  that stubborn fog clouding  my vision with nothing but darkness."

Lori Martin

Lori Martin


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François, you have made a very difficult decision. I hope all goes well.

Lori Anne Martin,
St. Catharines, Ontario



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Hi Francois,

I wish you best of good fortune, but there is a practical issue you should consider:

Writing about your employer on a BBS is rarely a good idea, you do not know who might be reading it and it could come back to haunt you. You might want to ask the admins to delete this thread ASAP.

Kind Regards


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