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Legalese and "TPS Reports"

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This posting is probably half-question, half-rant...so I apologize in advance for the "half-rant" portion. :)

For all of you out there who work with US State/Federal agencies and/or institutions, I wanted to ask you how you are handling all of the forms and other paperwork required to do business with said agencies/institutions. Me? I've about had my fill of States lately and their seemingly ever-increasing requirements related to forms, filings, etc.

State institutions in the State of New York asking for copies of our last three Federal corporate tax returns (beyond the usual 30-pages of legalese and the requirements to send them five paper copies inside the right-colored envelope, with some cryptic RFP/RFQ code written on the outside of the envelope in the right-colored ink...since they're apparently still living in the 1970s and haven't heard of things such as email and .pdf). The State of Indiana requiring the annual completion and filing of a ST-103 form whether you've made $1 in revenue from State departments/institutions or not (or face receiving a bill for estimated taxes that is in the thousands of dollars). The State of Virginia requiring a $60 annual payment to be a part of their eVA procurement system (required to do work with any State agencies or State institutions, where you subsequently get spammed with "leads" for the construction of new buildings and laying new asphalt on parking lots when you register as a map design vendor - ugh). The State of Georgia requiring you to register and work through their Team Georgia Marketplace site/service when attempting to work with any State agencies/institutions...with the TGM site having login issues for weeks and their offices being closed for a week because they apparently can't handle 4-6 inches of snow/ice down there. Causing you to not be able to access an RFQ for a long-time client until AFTER their bidding deadline has expired.

For me, it makes me wonder how I'd do it if I were having to do all those "TPS reports" (a la the movie Office Space) and do 100% of the map design work besides! Not to mention all of the "fun" we all get to have with things like W-8s and Form 1042-S if you want to work with any freelancers outside the United States!

Okay, okay...I'll stop. Just curious how all of you keep from losing your mind with all of the reporting and forms if you try and do work with any non-private American institution/organization out there. Me? I lost my mind years ago on this issue...but I've still got everybody tricked into thinking I am completely sane when it comes to dealing with State/Federal agencies. B-B-B-B-B..... :lol:
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