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Yes I am Still using VBA

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Please help, I can't figure this out at all!! I have a raster that I have created in VBA which I now need its Mean and Standard deviation put into two seperate, constant value, rasters with the same spatial properties (cell size ect) as the input raster. I have gotten into irasterstatistics but the result is incorrect (the mean is 2.44 but the tool displays 1.65). I cannot get this double value into a constant raster either. Here is my code, see what you think.


Dim pLn As IRaster
Set pLn = pDTWValues ------------------------------------------------------------- this is an igeodataset

Dim pFlwAccBandCol As IRasterBandCollection
Set pFlwAccBandCol = pLn

Dim pFlwAccRasBand As IRasterBand
Set pFlwAccRasBand = pFlwAccBandCol.Item(0)

Dim pFlwAccRasterStatistics As IRasterStatistics
Set pFlwAccRasterStatistics = pFlwAccRasBand.Statistics

Dim FlwMean As Double
Dim FlwSTD As Double
FlwMean = pFlwAccRasterStatistics.Mean
FlwSTD = pFlwAccRasterStatistics.StandardDeviation
MsgBox FlwMean ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Displays incorrect value
MsgBox FlwSTD ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Displays incorrect value

Dim pConstantValue2 As IGeoDataset
Set pConstantValue2 = pRasterMakerOp.MakeConstant(FlwMean, False)
Dim pConstantValue3 As IGeoDataset
Set pConstantValue3 = pRasterMakerOp.MakeConstant(FlwSTD, False)

'===============Create Raster Layer===============
Dim pLayer6 As IRasterLayer
Set pLayer6 = New RasterLayer
pLayer6.CreateFromRaster pConstantValue2 ----------------------------------------------------error, will not display
pMap.AddLayer pLayer6

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Hi David,

I think that's the first VBA code I've seen dumped on Cartotalk. You may find quicker elucidation on a forum more specific to using VBA on geospatial rasters. Have you tried an ESRI forum?

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In addition to what Matthew said, I think you might get faster results if you just created a model to produce these results.


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