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Bike Map for Portland area

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Matthew Hampton

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Nice work Matthew.

I didn't notice the parks/streets until Charles pointed them out. Seems like quite a bit of work for minimal payoff to me, but I'm fairly new to this.

I do agree with CHART on the bike shop symbol. Have you tried using an outline of an entire bicycle in the style of the cover? I can appreciate your challenge. Your map looks very professional while the cover is more playful. Have you experimented with using different fonts for the main map features and legend?

Thanks Odebode :D ,

The bike shop symbol has to be really simple since they are very small features on the map. I had used a sprocket symbol in previous versions. I agree that is definitely sits outside of the other symbology styles. I wanted to add brewpubs and ice cream parlors, but the map was getting a little busy.

We like the cover funky and playful b/c it is very approachable and can appeal to a broad range of cyclists (we also have an active alternative bike culture here). It makes a good fit for Portlandia.

The fonts are tied to our http://www.oregonmet...by.web/id=27574 book and reflects that we take cartography seriously - but we like to play and have fun too. B) I tend to think an ornamental font works for a single map better than say 11 maps on a single sheet where it can overwhelm. It's a pretty fine balance.

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Charles Syrett

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That's a good one Dennis!
Having the ROW and the parks off-set is problematic. I placed my parks on my raster layer which makes it a bit challenging to fix (that and the sheer number in this 5 county area). If they were vectors you could also give 'em a little stroke to make up the difference and fill-in the gaps.

Couldn't you still fix this in raster? Just select all those blocks and expend the selection. Or am I missing something? :unsure:

Charles Syrett
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