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Get Hyper(Local) with Neighborhoods

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Get Hyper(Local) with Neighborhoods

Neighborhood Boundaries and Demographics as a Means to Build Successfu

BERKELEY, CA (January 12, 2010) – Factle Maps Corp., a pioneer and provider of neighborhood boundary and neighborhood demographic data, announced today that with the start of the New Year, Factle is offering its matching demographic data free of charge, for a limited time, alongside the corresponding unique Factle US Neighborhood Boundary Dataset. The dataset covers the majority of major US cities, totaling over 13,000 polygons with non-overlapping distinct boundary lines; allowing for location segmentation with clearly defined results.

According to Factle Researchers, developers will be enabled to build powerful applications using Factle’s Neighborhood Dataset to perform geocentric searchs within such as Chinatown, SoHo, or Nob Hill; thus giving better search results by segmenting the vast results from a large city. A common example is reducing the search results of pizza restaurants in San Francisco to pizza restaurants in the Mission District. Thus by manipulating the parameters, you gain better results. The ability to visually access search results would also allow end users to gain improved location based insights.

The bonus in the current package of neighborhood boundary data comes in the form of demographic data. The demographic data corresponds with the neighborhood polygons, and thus would allow those curious, like home buyers or the general public, the ability to know quantitatively "their neighborhood." The demographic data would also serve corporations and researchers alike to gain greater insight through analytics. “The neighborhood is one of the most homogeneous unit one can glean data and information from,” says Bernt Wahl, CEO of Factle Maps, “thus with these results we will be able to better understand our world through the local context, and through the process build better solutions and make wiser decisions.”

Factle’s neighborhood demographic data comes with almost 130 different categories ranging from income range, education level, population number, and even the number of people who ride motorcycles to work. With neighborhood boundaries coupled with demographic data, Factle hopes to provide a better perspective on the identity of a neighborhood that goes deeper than just a name.

About Factle Maps Corporation

Factle Maps ( www.factle.com ) is a mapping company that specializes in the creation of location based geo-data, with its main focus on neighborhood boundary identification. It all began with a dream to identify and map out every neighborhood in the world and making what was once so elusive become something that can be found, identified, and quantified.

Factle Maps is located in Berkeley, CA, right next to the UC Berkeley campus. Factle offers neighborhood boundary data and corresponding demographic data, as well as other geospatial mapping services. Factle has also worked with many researchers and start-ups, as well as large corporations such as Ask.com. To inquire more about Factle’s products and services, including neighborhood boundary data for US and international cities, email info@factle.com or visit www.factle.com

Company Contact:

Hartie Chang
(510) 647-9206

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