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A Mobile GIS Engine ------UcMap

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Hi All,
I have asked a question on the application of mobile GIS. Now, I would like to introduce an engine, We called it UcMap.

UcMap uses an advanced SOA infrastructure to support WMS, WFS, WFS-T, WPS and other OGC standards to achieve a seamless Integration of GIS. It support for OGC standards for mobile GIS development platform.

UcMap is a SDK. Customers can expand as needed on their own.

1, map browsing-----support for the map zoom in, zoom-pan;
2, map rendering----- support for map-style configuration, rendering the query vector elements;
3, maps, queries-----support for attribute queries, spatial query, as well as the mix of properties and spatial queries;
4, edit,-----support elements to add, delete, modify, including the elements of geometry node editing, attributes editorial changes, etc.;
5, data cache----- the cache server to support tile, tile updates, client-side caching, as well as the local cache vector data;
6, image overlay----- support for remote sensing image data, overlay, and in its last acquisition, editing data;
7, data synchronization----- support for mobile GIS, WEBGIS, desktop GIS data synchronization, timely access to the latest updated the number of It;
8, spatial analysis-----supports a variety of spatial query and analysis, network analysis;
9, GPS positioning-----support for mobile GPS positioning data, GPS positioning and monitoring implementation;
10, dynamic layers-----supports dynamic layers, superimposed on the dynamic elements in the base map points, such as GPS points, such as dynamically refreshed
11, expand custom, high scalability-----support for GPS voice navigation, video, images and other acquisition, display, upload, And mobile MIS, seamless integration of mobile OA;

Sample System consists of:
1, the data source: PostGIS, Shapefile, ArcSDE, Oracle, VPF, MySQL, MapInfo
And so on;
2, GIS server: Geoserver, Mapserver, MapGuide, arcgis server, supermap iserver
And so on;
3, tile cache server: Geowebcache;
4, mobile client: ucmap mobile client;
5, WEBGIS client: Openlayers;

Development Environment:
1, VC + + 2005 or VC + + 2008 , PPC;
2, the upcoming Nokia Symbian S60, GPhone and IPhone's API

3D Map:
004.jpg 005.jpg

Satellite images:



GeoServer & PPC2003:
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