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Non-Feature Linked Annotation Help Needed

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Hello All-
I have a legacy sde feature layer of parcel annotation that is not feature linked. In fact, it has no attribute that ties it to the parcel layer at all. It has all been placed over each parcel. Now, I need to compare the address number annotation with a point address layer. Does anyone know a way I can do this? I have tried a spatial join on the anno layer to the parcel layer, but that errors out. Both anno & parcel layers are in the sde & have a Global ID attribute which IMO always gives extra problems.
Can anyone point me in the right direction? I cannot even export the anno layer out of the sde for testing, anyone know why? Is it the Global ID field giving me problems? Is there a non-programming (or else a very simple programming) way I can put a point where each annotation bit is? Thanks in advance.




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You have 2 general options to create feature-linked annotation from your "unlinked" annotation.

Door Number #1 - by attribute
Door Number #2 - by spatial position

If you have any kind of attribute on the anno which link it to the parcel, then you have the "key" to Door Number 1. Otherwise, Door 2 is for you.


Door #1. there are recommendations, posts, scripts on the ESRI support page for this.

Door #2. What kind of annotation data do you have?

If your "legacy" SDE annotation is geodatabase SDE annotation, then you can use "Select By Location" in ArcMap to select annotation features based on your polygon parcel features.

If your legacy SDE annotation is "SDE3 annotation" (so, really a legacy format), then you can first convert it to geodatabase annotation. To do this, see ArcGIS Desktop help topic "Importing SDE 3, VPF, or PC ARC/INFO coverage annotation".

re: your final question. To get geodatabase annotation out of ArcSDE, create a local geodatabase (e.g. a File .gdb), then use ArcCatalog to copy-paste your annotation feature class from your SDE database to your local database.

Hope this helps.


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