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File Geodatabase

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Hello GISers,

I am the GIS Specialist at the Las Cruces soil survey office and I have set up a file geodatabase to hold soil polygons to cover the White Sands Missile Range. We have about 5 soil scientist working on the military base and digitize soil line work. Now Our State Soil Scientist has decided to put the Grants Soil Survey crew to work on the northwest part of the White Sands Missile Range and put the Santa Fe Soil Survey crew to digitize the soil line work on the mountains. Our soil scientists from the Las Cruces Soil Survey are currently working on the basin from east of the Mountains to the military boundary. ( To speed it up the work due to 18 months contract with the Military)

Northwest White Sands Missile would be the Grants Soil Scientist crew to do digitize there and there are the mountains in the middle that would be done by Santa Fe Crew and then Las Cruces crew will be on the basin from the Mountains to the end of the military boundary.

My thoughts here is to have the Grants crew working with the Santa Fe crew to monitor
for the soil line work to match smoothly and then Santa Fe crew can give us their soil line to work with edgematch soil line from the mountain to the basin.

Now my question here is how do we put all together in one file geodatabase without having to duplicate the soil line work?

They would like to have on centralized geodatabase. We currently do not have ArcSDE at the State Office.

Do I make myself clearly to you? I’d like to hear your feedback.

Thanks !



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I am new at this and my idea might not work but you could try:

  • Set up a soils feature dataset
  • In the data set have a master soils polygon feature class
  • Also include working soils feature classes for each of the work crews.
  • Create a topology to enforce your geometric rules between the feature classes.
  • At the beginning of each day export a new copy of the master soils feature class so everyone has an update of the master.
  • The crews would collect their information in their working soils layer.
  • At the end of the day the crews would save/upload their working feature classes back to the central database.
  • You being the specialist would use your topology to ensure the data had been captured correctly.
  • Once you have fixed any errors append the days work back to the master feature class and export the updated feature for the crews to use the next day. They can set their snapping an map topologies to ensure proper capture in the field. Since they are all in the same database you can set domains for you fields to ensure attribute integrity.


2: Buy Arc Server


3: You could try using Arc Pad, but without Arc SDE and a visioned database you don't have much control over conflict resolution.

Like I said before I am kind of new to this and someone else might have a better work flow. Or even find flaws with my proposed work flow.

Good Luck

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