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Greetings From Louisiana

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Greetings From Louisiana

I work in Baton Rouge, Louisiana as a geologist. At this time (and after recent events), I am attempting to get back to preparing various types environmental, geologic, and geomorphic maps of different parts of Louisiana and research on the Pleistocene and Holocene geology and geoarchaeology of the Louisiana coastal plain. Part of this making the transition from doing this with pencil and velum to an all GIS environment. At this time, I feel like I am still somewhere of wrong side of the learning curve in this process being almost entirely self-taught. As part of this process, I have gotten involved in Global Mapper, McDEM, ARCGIS, and other software. I have both a Dell PC and Mac, which I use to look at and analyze GIS and other data and prepare maps.

Examples of some of the 100K geologic maps, which I have co-compiled with other geologists, can be found at http://www.lgs.lsu.edu/pubs/maps.html. At this time, there is backlog of 24K and 100K maps, which the money need to prepare them for publication is lacking.

One reason for joining this list is to learn what I can about combining remote sensing, i.e. LIDAR and DOQQs, and GIS to produce both maps of various scales, i.e. 24K to 100K, and figures for my publications. Also at this, I am trying to learn how to use SURFER and other software to prepare trend surface maps from LIDAR data. Finally, I am always looking for information about where I can find different types of shape files, which I can either use as bases for figures using Map Publisher on my Mac or use as a base to prepare geologic maps that I am making for publications of mine.

Best Regards,

Paul Heinrich
Baton Rouge, LA



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hi, and very welcome!

There is quit a pool of sharp brains here, so I am sure you will get help. For your strict GIS and Remote Sensing questions (and the integration of the two) -- you can sure ask here, but it is a little bit out of the scope, and there are better forums, such as the Gislist or applied-gis mailing list (sorry, to lazy to look up the URLs, but you should be able to google your way there through those names).

Hugo Ahlenius
Nordpil - custom maps and GIS

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