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From Grahamstown, South Africa

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As the subject line says, I'm from Grahamstown, a small town in the Eastern Cape, South Africa (although, I assume with all the available Internet maps available that's not too hard to figure out).

I wouldn't call myself a cartographer, but I have certainly always been fascinated by maps. Studied Geology and ended up doing an M.Sc. using GIS in the days when GIS was only starting out. For my thesis I used a DOS based GIS package, MIPS (precursor to TNTmips). Since then I've been a GIS operator (if that's the correct term for it). That makes it about 12 years now.

Only lately have I been trying to make maps, rather than heaping on layers of data and slapping a quick legend on it (making sure there's a scale bar and a north arrow somewhere). I've come to the realization that this is more an art than an exact science. This then why I've joined this forum. To learn. I've already seen some good examples here, so I suspect I'm in the right place.

Currently I use Manifold for most GIS activities, including making maps. I've also recently upgraded TNTmips to it's latest incarnation. My past experience with TNTmips is that it's possible to make a good map using it, but that it takes a lot of time. Manifold is perhaps not the best software to make maps with, but it certainly is quick to produce standard (whatever that may be!) project maps. Is there anyone on this forum that uses TNTmips for making maps?

Cheers, and thanks.

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