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Hello from PA

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Tom Ballman

Tom Ballman


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Greetings all.

Joined awhile back, but have failed to this point to participate.

I'm tom and a Land Planner by trade. Using Autocad Map, ArcGIS, Raster Adobe products, and a small sampling of experience of Illy over the course of the last ten years.

Master Planning graphics, not for publications is my niche.

Due to the primarily project budget/time constraints, building these final presentation-type products for print & reports in Illy hasn't been feasible. There are long arduous processes (revisions, revisions, revisions) before I can get to Illy via autocad and ESRI products. Hardly ever for me is there an opportunity to build something in one shot.

Over this time I must readily admit I have "pushed the envelope" with 'aesthetics' via Autocad and ESRI developing quick and dirty means to get things done timely, and as rich graphics - wise as they can be in those programs. Go ahead and snicker Illy gurus :)

Hnce the ambivilance to go another step in Illustrator to put the final touches. I don't know if there are many of you out there who fall within this type of software knowledge or not, but most of the woirk involves engineering drawings.. thousands of entities, no clean drawing slates.

The closest/quickest workaround I have found is to build raster layering and then drop shadow the hell out of it and embellish further through transparency in photoshop.

Obviously it would prove worthwhile to work in vectors to accomplish alot of it.

I have recently begun to go out on my own ( GREAT TIMING :o , right!!!) and will continue to hone in on more efficient workflows for finishing things up in Illy. I am hopeful the boards here will help.

I don't see utilizing MaPublisher extension, and due to the high cost of software licensing, I forsee coninuing with following software.

Acad Map
ArcGIS (base license)
Adobe Creative Suite

Anyways I am Tom and I look forward to participating in this space.
Take care

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