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Indexing Maps in Illustrator

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Sure, hand indexing might allow you to QC your map as you go along and once you're map is indexed, it's not like you have to re-index . . . . unless you're using the map in a different format with different page breaks . . . like we do. Then, it requires some re-indexing to ensure that the indexed items have been indexed to the correct page. Hand indiexing, in my opinion, is not great. It is, as has been said, a boring exercise that is only as good as the person creating the index. I would automate the entire process but our text has been broken up into pieces and to do so with Mapublisher would requires us to go in a clean up the results - hardly a time saver. If only it was all in a GIS format already . . . .



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I am not too experienced with scripting. I am finishing the map in illustrator. I have access to ArcGis and Global Mapper. The Data is not referenced, so how will the Spatial Overlay method work as indicated by Hans?

It shouldn't be necessary to georeference the grid and the labels layers because they only need to be referenced to each other, but you'll want to make sure that you import both layers using the same projection (the default is fine). You might want to copy the bounding box from the grid and put it into the labels layer to make sure that the two layers line up correctly and have the same extent.

Again, this is the theory, because I haven't tried doing this yet -- maybe next week.
Michael Borop
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If you can get your text back to straight line text.

See Nathaniel Kelso's script MakePointType.

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