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Nick Springer

Nick Springer

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Over the years we have increased our measures to keep the spammers out of Cartotalk. First we added Captchas which defeated the dumb machines. Next we made it so that all new sign-ups were added to the "New Members" group and all postings from this group are invisible until a moderator can validate that it is not spam, at which point the user is added to the "Validated Member" group.

Now we are seeing a big increase in non-bot spammers - real humans signing up in order to post spam (and recently send spam PM's - but that has been blocked now). So, we are going to a system where each new signup has to be approved manually by an Admin.

At first I thought it would be hard to tell who is real and who is a spammer, but that is not proving to be the case. We see the IP and email address of new signups and a quick look usually tells you all you need to know.

So, if you are a legitimate new member and your sign-up gets rejected, I appologize in advance. If this happens please send an email to admin (at) cartotalk.com and we will get it straightened out.

We are willing to go the extra mile to keep CartoTalk free of the internet B.S.

Nick Springer

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James Hines

James Hines

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I fore one would like to say congratulations & a big thank-you for the work that has been done to keep these boards free & clear of spammers. If it wasn't for the existence of this site where would I have been today except working as a grocery store clerk with no future or any descent prospects in this field. And I also have to say this is by ar the most unbiased forum I have ever posted & moderated at. If there was one thing I always hated as a moderator was looking at these pornography & a few times some other items that I refuse to talk about that ruined the quality of the boards. Without the measures you have taken Carto-Talk would have been only fringe at best.
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