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Reducing # of vertices & nodes solved with help

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I probably didn't explain exactly what I was trying to do well enough for anybody to understand me.

Layman's terms not GIS/Cartography speak
(I apoligize in case this solution was really too simple for normal discussion)

I wanted to simplify the street/road paths exported to Illustrator. ArcMap necessarily inserts a new vertices at each direction change no matter how small the change. A node in ArcMap contains a beginning and end point and several to many vertices.

The generalization explained by Kevin (Editor/Advanced Editing Tools/Generalization) will reduce the number of vertices within a node (Feature).

My problem was that, for example, a street path might be 15 city blocks long and relatively straight. ArcMap will break this path up into individual nodes (Features), maybe 15 or 20 of them. Each individual node will have a vertex at the slightest change of direction of the street path (and street intersections also).

When exported to Illustrator each node (Feature) will be an individual Illustrator object. Instead of having 1 Illy object 15 blocks long, it may be broken into 15 objects.

I am attaching a gif image that maybe explains this and the total solution better.


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