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East View Cartographic Launches Its Own Brand of Datasets

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Hello CartoTalk community,
I am with East View Cartographic in Minneapolis, and I would like to make you aware of a new product line we have just released that I think will be of interest to anyone with occaisional global mapping data needs. Yes this is a message of a commercial nature, yet I have cleared this with an administrator. I hope to gauge interest from this community in the sorts of global geospatial products we offer. If there is interest, as I would suspect, I assure you our marketing department will then pursue advertising in the banner ads we see here and I will not turn this section into a periodical EVC commercial portal.

There are postings from time to time, particulary under the GIS Thread, of folks looking for map data for this or that place.

In short, EVC specializes in offering GIS-ready mapping datasets for the far corners of the world. Think Tajikistan, Bangladesh, Mozambique, Iran, etc. For many of these sorts of countries inputs to mapping projects can be very hard to come by. But that's where EVC comes in.

If any of these offerings are of interest to any of you, or your associates, feel free to contact me directly and I'll see to it that your inquiries are handled promptly. Or feel free to pursue directly on our site or with our sales staff.

As for me, I primarily use CartoTalk to keep my finger on the pulse of our industry. I listen and learn, and contribute whenever I can.

Many thanks in advance for taking a look at the content below.

Brandon Tourtelotte
Product Development Coordinator
East View Cartographic, Inc.
10601 Wayzata Blvd.
Minneapolis, MN 55305

East View Cartographic Launches Its Own Brand of Datasets

East View Cartographic is excited to introduce a brand new series of digital geospatial datasets, organized under the product lines of EVCmap and EVCdem. The new series of EVC products range from VMAP1-compliant datasets to raster mosaics to digital elevation models, and are only available through East View Cartographic and its distributors.

The new EVCmap and EVCdem product lines are uncommon in their extensive global coverage, up-to-date data, and affordability. Most are an outgrowth of EVC's long and innovative history of producing cost-effective yet high-quality products for customers all over the world. The EVCmap and EVCdem product lines range from pole-to-pole global vector GIS maps ideally suited for presentation graphics to local and extremely detailed datasets covering dozens of countries and locations, from Cuba to North Korea to the Faroe Islands. Below are just a few samples from our vast product line:

EVCmap 250
VMAP1-Compliant GIS Vector Dataset

Edition 2

For much of the world, the standard VMAP1 product is not available. In those areas, EVC has created a full-vector map product which meets the quality and standards of the 1:250,000 scale VMAP1 product. The database structure and naming conventions are identical to VMAP1. This vector product is produced from best-available (as of 2008) topographic maps at appropriate scale. Most of the data includes updates from recent medium-resolution satellite imagery.
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EVCmap rm50

Afghanistan 1:50,000 Scale Raster Mosaic

Edition 2

We are offering Soviet 1:50,000 scale topographic maps of Afghanistan as highly-compressed raster mosaics. The maps are converted from cropped GeoTiff files into groupings such that each tile covers a much larger area, offering the same highly valuable maps in a GIS-ready, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Instead of the need to purchase over 1,600 individual files (maps) for complete coverage of Afghanistan, EVC can offer the same content via 92 tiles. Each tile covers 1x1 degree.
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EVCmap 5

Tehran City Vector Dataset
Edition 2

Tehran is a city of increasing strategic importance, and a constant fixture in news headlines given the rapidly evolving role of Iran in world events. East View Cartographic has created an all-new vector map of Tehran to give users a clear and comprehensive depiction of this world capital. All features have been extracted from Quickbird color 0.6m (2ft) color satellite imagery, collected in 2007-8. Thus all features are up-to-date and accurately delineated. English-language feature names have been extracted from a locally-produced 1:30,000 scale reference map.
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EVCmap 5
Thailand City Vector Datasets

Edition 2

This dataset includes detailed and precise vector street maps, at 1:5,000 scale, for two cities in Thailand; the national capital of Bangkok and the northern provincial capital of Chiang Mai. With this product you will be equipped with a complete, accurate, and exhaustive vector map of each city. This dataset was originally created for vehicle tracking applications, yet it has virtually limitless possibilities when applied to other areas such as web mapping, location analysis and reference, and integration with other spatial data sources.

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For inquiries about our new line of products, please contact us at webmaps@cartographic.com

About EVC

East View Cartographic (EVC) is a leading provider of authoritative global geospatial data including vector data, DEMs, satellite imagery, topographic maps, nautical charts, and geological maps. With its unparalleled acquisition capabilities, EVC has built an extensive corporate library of over 250,000 maps, 25 terabytes of digital geospatial data, and 10 million GIS-based records. The company also offers a wide array of related services including on-demand mapping and GIS data production. Customers include governments, GIS companies, academic researchers, and engineering firms. Details can be found at www.cartographic.com.
Brandon Tourtelotte
East View Cartographic, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN

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