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Project Proposal

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First off the client request off elance

I want a selection of maps created for my travel website. As a starting point I've placed this single request for a map of the Spanish island of Mallorca. This should give me some idea what costs I can expect.

I'm interested in the map being produced in Fireworks (please advise me if you don't consider this the best option). I'd give you the available colour codes before beginning.

After the first draft I'd give you the names of any towns you've missed out that I want added to the map and I'd ask you to remove any that I don't require. I'd then provide the necessary hyperlinks.

All being well I could provide regular requests for travel maps which are all for publication on my website.

To get a better idea of the project please do an online search for "Mallorca map" where you'll see a good range of examples.

Great oppurtunity if I can win this bid however elance only allows 2000 words for the project proposal. And as a cartographer I could create atleast 10 pages of step by step for each procedure if I wanted to. Even with little experience cartographically I still have a few advantages, obviously cartographic rules & principles. And thanks to Manifold GIS it's mostly just smoothing out lines in Illustrator or if I desire using Fireworks (in trial).

There is one crucial skill that new cartographers lack; finding that edge & making our competition look smaller. Every cartographer finds an area to excel at, the question is where do we excel & how do we take advantage of our full blown capabilities. And as new cartographers it's either bidding and getting more experienced cartographers to fish out these contracts. And since I'm bidding on this contract, don't worry I have the procedure mapped out for this project including an IMS/Google Maps API alternative for this project. One thing I have already done is submit a pre proposal asking the client some questions, although I never got a response back atleast I stated my intentions. For those of you who have experience writing proposals is there any advice that you can dish out so that newbies have an edge over the medicore competition? ;)

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