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Maps for a Science Fiction novel

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A friend of a friend contacted me recently about putting together some maps for a science fiction novel she is writing. I honestly do not have time to tackle this. This author legitimately wants to do this, and is interested in this being a paying job.

I've asked her some initial questions, and promised her that I would put her request out into our arena, and see who might be interested. It may not be appropriate for some of our cartographers here - I can't guarantee that she has any more than a few dollars to put to this effort. I know there's some crossover with the Cartographer's Guide folks here. Please feel free to cross post to those folks there as well.

After reading the following information, if anyone is interested, please PM me here. I will pass along those that are interested to this potential customer. If you have an interest in maps of unreal places, or have the knack to put together those types of maps, this could be a good opportunity for you.

Basic information:

> I do have a few questions about the maps that you would like done,
> before I can start putting you contact with anyone. Can you give me a
> rough idea of the number of maps that you are interested in? How big
> are the maps going to be? Will they be in color or black and white?

Black and white, and about 4 maps. One big map, and 3 detail maps. Size
wise - I'd say 8.5x11 would be a fine size, but larger could be fun.

> I will also need to pass along any info about any creative ideas you
> have? What do you have in mind for these maps? Will these be city
> maps, star charts, solar systems, or a planetary scale map? Do you
> have in mind the look and feel of the map? Have you sketched anything
> out?

They are maps of a different planet. The story is science fiction, but
in some ways, the maps are similar to maps found for fantasy stories -
since it is the story of the settlement of an earth-like planet (with
mostly land masses, mountains and rivers and large lakes - no oceans).
So the big map will be a map of pretty much all of that planet, and the
detail maps will be specific areas.

I have sketched out the maps.
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