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Variation Man

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Hallo all,

My name is .......................

Before I became a Cartographer, I had done a few other fields, but none that made me happy like this field now, working on maps.
List goes roughly like this:
-Studied Multimedia after completing year 12.
-Ended up Selling Insurance(I know, I know)(Quit this due to lack of funds in my account to continue)
-A month later:
-Selling Graphic Cards(was retrenched in the end)
(month went by again)
-Then did some other selling field, before landing a picking and packing job.
(few months went by before)
-Picking and packing was with I.B.Australia, whereby I did warehousing duties, but then, one of their computer workers went away for four weeks, and they needed help on their website, this is where I then, in a way, commenced my first computing job out from my Diploma studies.
-Then landed a job at Dunbeer(Not sure how spelt) trailers, before Quiting in only a few days, after too many fights(from brainless people)But I am one to stick up for my rights, and to Protect and Defend other innocents.
-Landed, thus far, my best job, at Identisign, as an inhouse signmaker, using computer 30% and machines 60%, while on occasions helping out the factory people with storing, packing, filing.
-In the end, was retrenched, due to a down period, so had at least, many months with no work, and my savings were running out.
-Then landed a job, and perhaps through destiny, my career path as a cartographer, with a mapping company, (think they were impressed with my portfolio & resume, despite no mapping background experience at the time)

Cheers. ;)

Hope to have read many more fine articles that seem to be on these forums.
Also in the hope to learn so, so much from various sources, including this site.

Keep mapping, and one day we can map other worlds out there in the universe, if not us, than generations to follow.
To solve problems is like solving puzzles to a child



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Hi Goldene:

Welcome to CartoTalk.

Lots of us have been up and down and around on our way to mapping... I know Dennis was a lawyer. Derek worked for a Dean of Students (do I have that right, Derek?). I was a stocking clerk for a stationery store and as a keyliner at a printing company. Anyone else?

I think cartography is a field where it really helps to have been out in the trenches, retrenched or otherwise.

Nat Case

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA



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The long, hard road. I was a Chef in my past life, finished up school and now I work in the land conservation field and run my mapping business part-time (with hopes of full-time status soon!).

WELCOME to the wide world of GEOGRAPHY and all it entails (which includes everything!).

Michael Scisco

Albuquerque, NM




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GoldeneAdler -

An unusual path to cartography but I suspect that you're not alone. I'd interested in hearing from others how they got to where they are now, particularly if it wasn't a straight line from school to cartography.

For myself, when I finished high school I went to university and acquired a B. A. in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy, worked for 4 months for my cousin in the landscaping business, then landed a job in the social work field. Worked in social work for about 7 years, mostly helping out with employment and career choices. Wanted to progress in the field, wnet back to university to take some social work courses in pursuit of a B. S. W. but the instructor I had completely turned me off. Now what to do? My wise wife I suggested looking into cartography because I always loved maps. So I did . . . went back to school at the same time as we were expecting our first. Finished school when we were expecting our second, landed a great job in cartography with the regional government, worked there for 9 years, then moved on to this - manager of cartography and GIS with a smasll mapping company.

And I still love my maps!

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