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Google Maps Streetview

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OK cartos,

here's the latest from Google Maps. I believe its only been out a couple of days and makes for interesting viewing.

Head for http://maps.google.com and you'll see a New Street View Button.

Click on it to Activate and you'll see Camera Logos appear.
Click on one and it gives you the option to Zoom in to 'New York' for instance.
You'll now go to a Zoom in of New York and you'll see blocks highlighted in blue.
Click on the yellow person Logo and hey presto you get a view of the street you on.
Use the controls to wander through the view and get 360 panoramas.

Neat stuff.....a little bit scarey (BB) :( but Google moving mapping onto new and interesting era for sure.
Augmented reality is here for sure. No doubt soon well see Adds for local businesses popping into these views too.

Currently only US Cities available.

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Actually I think Streetview has been out for a few months, but they did just add 4 new U.S. cities this month.

Google also announced the "Local Business Referral Program" where they will pay anyone $2 for collecting the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and photographic images of a business and submitting to Google. They will then pay an additional $8 if you can get the business to verify the information, online, by mail, or by phone.

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StreetView was done by a local company in Portland, OR called Immersive Media. The word on the street is that Google has a bit of data they haven't processed and/or uploaded yet.

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$2 per company hey?? I wonder, If I get myself a nice digital camera, and go nuts on any given weekend, how much I could cover?? :ph34r:

Also, I suppose they don't have anyone for Australia yet?? :blink:

Maybe this would be good information to hand over to my bosses? :unsure:

Curious though, wouldn't not be better that one takes photo's in various directions instead of just company building shots? <_<

Alrighty, Lunch time for me :lol:

This site is full of good information, and is very informative at times. :P

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