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GDSK GEOPLATFORM: Enterprise GIS - Online Demo

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Is a pleasure to announce that the online demo of the GIS platform GDSK GEOPLATFORM is available at http://www.gdsk.biz/index.htm?go=demo.

Detailed technical information is accessible at GDSK Knowledge Base http://www.gdsk.biz/index.htm?go=kbase.

The following components are available at the demo:
  • GDSK GISPORTAL: Web portal for accessing heterogeneous GIS services.
  • GDSK MAPVIEWER: Interactive viewer for vector maps with layer control, locator, filter, navigation, etc.
  • GDSK GEOPLATFORM EDITOR: Vector geometry edition in the web browser.
  • GDSK GEONET: Access to OGC WMS servers.
Introduction to GDSK GEOPLATFORM

GDSK GEOPLATFORM is a platform designed for establishing enterprise GIS communities at the web. It includes portal services, catalog, vector geometry edition, OGC/ISO support, shared information and multimedia objects. GDSK GEOPLATFORM contributes substantially to the success in GIS projects at institutions and corporations, simplifies the access to GIS technologies and offers the lowest TCO in the market for this type of infrastructure.

  • Distributed and federated GIS infrastructures. Includes load balancing and replication mechanisms and permits advanced topologies of Web servers, RDBMS and storing devices (SAN).
  • Simplification of the installation, management and maintenance of a GIS. For instance, the server installation is executed in 15 minutes, geometry is imported from GML or SHP files, and object catalog is administrated at the web. There is no need of installing the products at client machines.
  • Integration with ERP or CRM. The SQL spatial views permit distributed queries between systems to link easily geometry at GDSK SPATIAL with attribute tables at SAP or other ERPs. These mechanisms do not modify business? tables and improves the performance and organization of backups.
  • Shared massive storage in relational database. The capacities of RDBMS? referring to data?s integrity, speed of process and/or access, native indexes and others, as physic partition of files, are seized to the maximum.
GDSK GEOPLATFORM supports the following standards/recommendations:
  • Internet: HTTP/S, HTML, XML, XSLT
  • Service-Oriented Architecture
  • GIS: GML, WMS, recommendations and reference models from Open Geospatial Consortium
  • Topological analysis based in DE-9IM
About GDSK


GDSK is a company of geographic information software development specialized in (RIA) Rich Internet Applications and spatial server technology. The central idea of the GDSK team is the simplification of the technological complexities at geographic information systems in order to transform their implantation, deployment and use in a simple process on all types of GIS projects.

GDSK is in continuous process of evolution and has scheduled for a next future the release of new products based in its Mobile technology and new On Demand deployment models for GDSK GEOPLATFORM.

The GDSK Team

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