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Coke en Stock

The Red Sea Sharks Posted Image
Technically, I think the motorcycle came from Klow, Syldavia at the confluence of the Moltus and Wladir Rivers.

I love Tintin too. My favorites are the "The Seven Crystal Balls/Prisoners of the Sun" series and the huge mushrooms in "The Shooting Star."

I also really enjoyed seeing Tintin get a little randy in "Tintin in Thailand."

Stylewise I really liked Herge's lines - but the print from the animation of Tintin and the Lake of Sharks was inforgettable. I am not too sure how to describe it - gel shading?

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I love Tintin too. My favorites are the "The Seven Crystal Balls/Prisoners of the Sun" series and the huge mushrooms in "The Shooting Star."

I really like that one too -very mysterious. One thing that always impressed me was Herge's rendition of people dreaming. and there are 2 dreams I believe in the albums you mentioned. I think I will read a Tintin tonight.
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Speaking of Tintin - how do you guys like Corto Maltese? He is even more well-travelled, all over the map/globe/world, than Tintin - I think (at least more exotic places).

I just ordered a few books last night, to complete my little collection - too bad there is not so much availalbe in English/Swedish - these books I ordered now are in Danish (which works fine too).
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ditto to being a tintin fan! I actuall recently did a project where I tried to copy and capture the ligne claire style of comics (i.e. the clean line - 60ies francophone comics movement) - and especially tintin - in a set of charts and a few maps, for a publication.

hi Hugo.
I just read your post from a few years ago regarding the maps you did in the herge style.
I am a big herge fan. I would love to see that project. Coula you post any of it.

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