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slow AI... do I need more RAM or what?

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ok, here we go:

One day I will put up a nicer web-site for it, or even put it under version control (and open source) on RIAforge.org.

The code is not commented, so you may need some JavaScript (at least some programming) skills to decipher it, in case you have troubles.

Not that you will need ImageMagick installed in the specified path, and there is a dirty hack involving Windows batch files at one point in the script - thus rendering it unusable on Mac.

It would be easy to skip those parts too - those are the pieces that mogrify the bitmap outputs (png and lower res jpg), by trimming and rescaling the output. The PNG is a bit of a dirty hack anyways, since you don't have access to the whole "Save for Web" interface in Illy - by scripting you can only export the whole illustration as a bitmap at the resolution it is set to (not x times y pixels - to do that one has to play with the resolution settings...)
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Thanks all for the great suggestions. Quite a shopping list there, between scratch disks and extra RAM...

I haven't had much trouble with AI CS corruption, but I've probably been lucky. I will make a policy of daily save-as. More trouble with old FH files that turn out to have issues that won't let them import into AI... Many of the files went through [make hex sign here] Freehand 4 and 5. AI conversion is forcing us to go in and surgically remove the corrupt bits.

On scratch disks:
(1) Is it OK to use the same disk for Photoshop and Illustrator scratch space? If I'm running them at the same time?
(2) Also, is there any reason it has to be a separate drive? could it be a largish partition on my main drive? We work from a dedicated file server, so I have plenty of room on my workstation drive (like about 100 GB). It would be easy enough to repartition it to a 50GB scratch disk and 50GB operating disk... or something similar.

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