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Friday JOKE!

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JOKE.... (translated from French to the best of my ability...hopping nothing was Lost in Translation)

Somewhere in New-Zealand a shepherd is quietly looking over his sheep...

When down the dirt road comes a top of the line SUV (enter your choice here).

The SUV stops just besides our quiet shepherd.

Out comes a sharp dress man (enter your choice of expensive clothing here) from the SUV.

Looks at the shepherd and asks him he would give him a sheep if he told him the exact number of sheep in his heard.

Shepherd casually says: yes.

Our sharp dress man goes to work.
- Takes out a laptop ... connects via his cell phone to Internet ... enters in a special secure NASA site ... hooks up to a satellite overpassing the x y coordinates ... (that he located with the GPS in his phone) .... downloads an image ... processes the image in a special software ... and prints out a report on his wireless battery operated HP printer...

Walks over to the shepherd and proudly hands over the report and says ... you have 1254 sheep in our heard.

Shepherd says: You are correct...

Sharp dress man says: Can I get my sheep now ...

Shepherd says: OK

Sharp dress man goes out and gets his reward and puts its in the back of his expensive SUV.

Just as the sharp dress mans prepares to depart the shepherd calls outs to him and says: If I tell you what you do for a living will you give me back what you have taken.

Sharp dress mans says ... why not.

Shepherd ... You are a CONSULTANT

Sharps dress mans ... you are correct, but how in the world did you know.

Shepherd says: easy...
First, you come over here when nobody ask you to.
Second, you want to get paid for telling me something I already know.
Third, you know nothing about my trade.


(this joke was sent to by a good client... maybe he was trying to tell me something...)

Nick Springer

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LOL, good one.

Nick Springer

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