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graph layout in SPSS driving me crazy!

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Hello everyone,

I'm currently making some stacked bar graphs in SPSS then exporting them to Illustrator to make them EPS files and to tweak colour. Then from there to Latex for layout.

I have been trying to get all the graphs to look similar. SPSS has some anonying features, that are making this difficult!

1) Bar width is a % rather than a fixed value. Some Charts have few variables and output huge bars...I'd rather they all be the same regarless of the number of variables.

(The charts document the barriers that people faced accessing different types of services. Some services had different ranges of barriers, hence there is a different number of instances between services. But I would still like people to be able to compare the number of barriers between services. Having one service with 10px wide bars and the other with 40px wide bars confuse this process in my eyes)

2) The label for the Y axis is at different places on different graphs as the variable names are of different lengths. This results width of the TEXT + graphics elements to be different between graphs

3) even though I set the data region to the same size on all the graphs, it is coming out different...I think this is related to problem 2!

4) Is there any way to place titles relative to the data region?

So basically I have charts with different sorts of information and I want them to all have the same EPS bounding box.....

These are simple charts, but I have quite a few and want them to all look the same....anyone with advise on how to do this with SPSS (or maybe just illustrator--set up a template or something? I'm new to illy!) please come foward!
Thank you kindly,

ps I attached I chart as an example!

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