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Mapping Malaysia's Broadband Internet Coverage

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Hi guys, I just discovered this site recently. Very interesting resource.

I've been working on this together with my team over the past few months, and I thought I'll share it with you all:


It's basically a map to highlight internet broadband coverage or rather, lack thereof in Malaysia. This doesn't cover the whole of Malaysia, but for now, just a major urban area called the Klang Valley which encompasses the more developed cities in Malaysia.

Currently right now we have a monopolistic service provider that is rather inept, a very little competition. Thereby, I thought it in order to breed some competition as well as provide a good comparision chart, it would be useful to build a dynamic flash map. It runs off an image tile-based engine, with the placemarks loaded from a seperate XML file.

Please test it out, I'll love to hear comments from professionals such as yourselves.

You can:
- Click the placemarks to center it on the map
- Zoom in further for more detailed level 2 placemarks
- Pan the map using the thumbnail navigator
- Jump directly to a location using the button on the top
- Toggle coverage overlays using the tabs on the bottom

Known bugs
- Low resolution upon zooming in deep, will upgrade visuals soon
- Low framerate on certain PCs due to high processor usage (how's the speed on your PC?)

Over the next few months, we hope to add more features such as ability to tie comments to an area (eg, complaints of bad service can be mapped to a specific area). Other ideas would be geolocating visitors to the site, and displaying them on the map with a "you are here" notice.


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Josh Lim
Project Director, RedesignMalaysia.com - For Better Broadband, For The Rakyat!



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Wow that is an amazing piece of work!! I can't even begin to comment on all the cool features.. don't have enough time. But I hope one day to be able to produce something like this. Even cooler would be if a future mapping service provider (Google? Yahoo? ESRI?) made your frame/template a modular piece. Yahoo does have a Flash framework, but yours is way more advanced for custom made maps. I'd love to see this as a product or a free Flash-based API that you could upload your own coverages, basemaps, location points, text descriptions to.

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