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Anyone use foot pedals?

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My hand has started to bother me a bit, not from moving the mouse, but from clicking. After a few days straight of 'click-intensive' work, my forefinger as well as my forearm get kinda tired and little sore. Are foot pedals an option?

Right now, I have a spare mouse place under my foot braced against my chair, and along with my Logitech ball mouse, it seems to be working alright, just a little cumbersome on the double clicks. Actually feels a little more accurate since I don't have to worry about clicking the mouse under my hand while I try to position something.



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I have done quite a bit of personal research on ergonomics (the non-marketing word is biomechanics), alternative input devices, etc... feel free to contact me. What I will post is that many problems can be avoided by proper stretching, but body structure can dictate susceptibility to certain repetitive stress injuries. I once thought I was getting carpal tunnel, and implemented some daily tennis ball grip/squeezes and the pain went away. Be sure to check out about.com, they have some great graphics, and I was most surprised to learn that the keyboard should be at a negative incline...


Another suggestion too, learn some keyboard shortcuts and some command line and try to offload some click-tasks to keyboard/command line.

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I've been thinking for some months of trying foot pedals. Seems like it could improve my productivity when drawing. Here's what I've been looking at:

Kinesis Ergo Savant-Elite
Dennis McClendon, Chicago CartoGraphics

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