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I work for a community planning consulting firm based in Michigan and we do a lot of master planning and zoning ordinances for small communities in the state. Occassionally we do landscape and urban design plans. Traditionally, these things have been hand drawn and take many many hours to complete. I know there are tons of landscape design software packages out there as well as many image manipulation and GIS programs, however, I am unaware of a software package that can replicate a hand drawn urban design concept plan digitally (I've attached a picture to exemplify the style of concept plan I am referring to). Does anyone know of a software package that can do this style of design out of the box (meaning without having to do the layout in one program, color it in another, and soften it in another)? I want to be able to click and design conceptual buildings, landscaping, and roads in the hand-drawn style but on the computer. Thanks for your input.


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you're pretty much in the same boat I'm in. I have been looking for the holy grail of proggies that can reproduce that type of coloring, but alas nothing.

i uploaded an image similar to yours. these maps(it seems) appear to be out of reach(at least for now) for only using 1 software package.

if you got a lead or an idea throw it out there.


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I don't know of any holy grail that does this. At my firm we do the line work in ACAD and the painting in photoshop. plant/building/car/whatever shapes are are stored in a symbol library type dwg which helps to reduce drawing time. once you get the work flow part down, creation time isn't that prohibative.


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Software like Painter (formerly of Corel) is quite good at digitally creating traditional media like watercolor, markers, pastels, oils etc...
It is used by alot of artists and is quite powerful especially combined with a good tablet computer or wacom tablet.


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