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A magic grid

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Please explain how your system would be used to navigate from one place to another. How would you give directions from BMW-Museum to the University of Munich?

Dennis, I like your question.

Today's address of both BMW Welt and BMW museum is:

- Am Olympiapark 1

which for me has the same enigmatig logic as e. g. Hyde Park 5.

Acc. to the Munich Orientation Convention www.volksnav.de/MunichMapplet, the CLICKABLE addresses with prefix, hours, minutes and radius are:

BMW Welt StatusQuo MUN m11 :10 r46
BMW museum StatusQuo MUN m11 :11 r46
University StatusQuo MUN m12 :4 r15

so it is possible to detect even without maps:

- the position of the museum is 1 block "later" than BMW Welt.

- all objects are situated at the north sector

- to go from museum to the university you've to go downtown (or south) and a little clockwise, more exactly.

46 - 15 = 31 blocks downtown

The "time" lenght depends on the route. Let's analyze the worst case: your taxi driver needs money, follows the ring road until m12:4 r46 and then just drive inside (to m0).

Now here comes a smart piece of information:

- The width of the sector (minutus maximus) is half the radius !!

On r46, the minutes end at point 23.

So the worst time lenght is (:23 - :11) + :4 = 1.6 km = about a mile.

All this in harmony with codes for crossings, stations etc. Magic Grid, navigation devices www.volksnav.de/iMunich and an Orientation Esperanto.

As the inventor has no honour in his own country, I would be more than glad if you'd propose this system in Munich. Are there already existing contacts?


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