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1: Cartotalk is a forum for cartographic professionals. This means that discussions that are not about maps, mapmaking or related topics such as GIS, remote sensing and photogrammetry are considered off-topic and should go in the appropriate area (i.e. Miscellaneous)

2: If you post, please make sure it's in the right area.

3: Please keep the discussions on this forum clean and professional. Please refrain from using foul language, personal attacks etc.

4: Please try and keep the commercial content of your post to a minimum. Official announcements and press releases are allowed in the News & Press Releases area. Please note it's perfectly okay to explain why you think application A is better for a certain purpose than application B, just don't turn it into an advertisement.

5: The primary language used on this forum is English. Please respect the fact that not everybody here is a native English speaker.